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Carbon Monoxide Alarms Overview 

The Firex® branded products listed below have been discontinued. However, you can find product information and user’s manuals by visiting the corresponding links.

To find similar available products, please visit Kidde’s carbon monoxide alarm catalog.

Please visit customer service for help with troubleshooting your Firex® branded products.

Facts About CO In Homes

Invisible, odorless carbon monoxide (CO) is the #1 cause of accidental poisoning deaths in the United States, claiming approximately 480 lives and sending another 15,200 people for treatment annually. New, energy-efficient construction actually compounds the problem, trapping more CO inside where it can build to potentially dangerous levels.

Toxic CO levels can occur suddenly, or accumulate slowly over time. FireX® utilizes technology that is equally effective under both conditions.

Because even a very small, slow buildup of CO can cause health problems and eventual death, FireX alarms monitor CO levels continuously, and sound an alarm whenever potentially dangerous conditions occur.

Carbon monoxide alarms are mandatory in many states. FireX helps you meet both health and regulatory concerns.


10000 Series
FireX Advantage

Homeowners need a reliable, cost-efficient solution to this deadly problem. That's why homeowners and industry professionals prefer the protection of simple-to-install FireX CO alarms that easily interconnect with other FireX smoke, CO and heat alarms.

FireX alarms offer a host of industry-leading features designed to please homeowners and contractors alike, including:

  • pre-installed batteries that speed installation
  • protective dust covers, and
  • Quick QuietFalse Alarm Control


Carbon Monoxide

Direct Wire with Battery Back-up (AC/DC)

Direct Wire


Battery Powered