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Heat Alarms

Heat Alarm Features



Our heat alarms use technology that senses fire by air temperature rather than esponding to particulate matter. Professional contractors appreciate the design similarities -- such as the Quick Connect™ wiring harness and other easy installation features -- to FireX smoke alarms, which make installing a heat alarm simple. FireX heat alarms can be combined in an integrated system with FireX smoke and CO alarms for maximum protection.

Note: Heat alarms should always be interconnected with smoke alarms to provide early warning when fire is present. FireX heat alarms are designed to alarm when presented with a certain temperature at the alarm. They will not react to smoke and should not be used to replace smoke alarms, but as a supplement to a complete smoke alarm system.

Heat Alarm Product Features

  • Thermistor Design - sensitive only to temperature; when the temperature reaches 135°F (57°C) or greater, the alarm is triggered
  • 9 Volt Battery Back-Up - added protection in the event of a power failure
  • Interconnectability - compatible with other AC/DC FireX heat alarms, smoke alarms, smoke/CO combo alarms, and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Quick Connect™ Wiring Harness - easy to replace or move alarms quickly
  • Tamper-Resistant Locking Device - smoke alarm locks to mounting bracket to prevent removal of unit
  • Heat Alarms are Sensitive only to a Fixed Temperature - less nuisance alarms due to contamination, dust, and insects
  • Twin LEDs - green "power-on" LED confirms constant AC power and the red LED displays alarm/battery status

Heat Alarm Product Features



Interconnect Quantity


9V Battery Backup

Quick ConnectTM Wiring Harness

135°F Fixed Rate

FireX Smoke Alarm Compatibility



Limited Warranty


* Number of Compatible FireX® Devices (12 smoke alarms maximum, 6 heat, carbon monoxide and smoke/CO combo alarms maximum)



Owners Manual




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